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Volunteer Cadet Corps Activity Consent Form

This form is to be used by participants in VCC events and activities by Parents/Guardians to give consent for their Child/Ward to take part in activities with the Volunteer Cadet Corps. The same from may be used by CFAV and other adults attending VCC activities noting that they should submit their next of kin details where relevant.


One form is required per activity, per participant i.e. Cadet or CFAV. Siblings would therefore require 2 forms submissions.


The information on the form will be used as consent for the participant to take part and also for the emergency or other services should the need arise.


If you have any issues with the form or would prefer to discuss any aspect of this form then please contact us via email: 

Fields marked with an astrix (*) are required.

Participant & Activity Details

Is this a HQ Event?
Is this a DofE Event?

Participant Parent/Guardian Details

Participant Medical Details

Does the named participant suffer from Allergies?
Does the named participant suffer from Asthma?
Does the named participant suffer from Epilepsy?
Does the named participant suffer from Diabetes?
Does the named participant suffer from Skin Conditions (e.g. Eczema)?
Does the named participant suffer from Recurring Headaches?
I consent to the participant receiving appropriate first aid or in a medical emergency consent to medical treatment which, in the opinion of a qualified medical practitioner, may be necessary:

Activity Terms

I confirm I have read the VCC "Photography and Recorded Images Policy" in document VCR8 and consent to video and photographs being taken of the participant during the activity.

Thank you for submitting the consent form.

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