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Gosport Division RMVCC


Address: HMS Sultan RNC, Fort Grange Keep, HMS Sultan, Military Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 3BY.


Opening Hours

02392 542198


18:00 - 20:00


18:00 - 20:00

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Gosport Division RMVCC, a Royal Marines unit within the Volunteer Cadet Corps, co-located at HMS Sultan RNVCC. Rooted in the legacy of the Royal Marines Light Infantry Cadets from the early 1900s.




At Gosport Division RMVCC, our foundation lies in a comprehensive cadet training syllabus. Crafted to bring out the best in our cadets, it equips them with versatile skills applicable throughout their lives. The syllabus centers on these 10 core training themes:


- Fieldcraft

- Drill and Personal Turnout

- Military Knowledge

- Skill at Arms

- Navigation

- First Aid

- Fitness and Wellbeing

- Community Engagement


Our young members revel in their cadet training, engaging in military skills competitions, diverse sports, and fostering an understanding of both their community and the broader naval service. Beyond skill-based instruction, our cadets participate in weekend and summer camps during school breaks and represent the unit at significant public events like Armed Forces Day.


A standout activity for us is the cadet Field Gun competition. Drawing from Royal Navy traditions, our active field gun crew competes against other VCC units, maneuvering an original Boer War 7lb field gun across an 85-yard course. It's a rigorous challenge that embodies naval core values and culminates in pursuing the Command Trophy.




We welcome youngsters aged 9 to 16 from the local area, accepting applications before the age of 9 for our waiting list. Regardless of background, our cadets unite in teamwork and mutual respect. By joining us, they embrace daily challenges, cultivating skills that set them apart among their peers.




The VCC operates thanks to the dedication of our team of adult volunteers. From ex-servicemen to interested parents, our volunteers contribute diverse experiences, shaping the success and well-being of our cadets. Join us in positively impacting our cadets' lives while upholding our regulations.




Whether you're interested in joining as a cadet or volunteering, or simply seeking more information, reach out to us. Contact Gosport Division RMVCC via phone, email, or drop by our location at HMS Sultan.


Address: Gosport Division RMVCC, Fort Grange Keep, HMS Sultan, Military Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 3BY.

Telephone: 02392 542198.


Training Nights: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1800 to 2000 (except the first Tuesday of each month instead of Monday).

Our key personnel are:

  • Commanding Officer: Warrant Officer (VCC) 2 Kathleen Jarmain.

  • Executive Officer:  Colour Sergeant(VCC) Andy Murdison.

  • Training Officer: Colour Sergeant(VCC) Daniel White.

  • Administration Officer: Mrs. Sam Sharp.

  • Finance Officer: Mrs. Jenni Murdison.


Join Us

Join us either as a cadet, where you'll uncover your potential and explore new horizons, or as a member staff, guiding others to discover their strengths and thrive in a community committed to volunteering, leadership and mentoring.

Want to Join Gosport Division Royal Marine Cadets?

Step into a world of opportunities and rewards by joining the Volunteer Cadet Corps! As a cadet, you'll dive into thrilling adventure training, refining your skills and delving into your passions alongside fellow enthusiasts. Experience the invaluable—learn diverse skills and partake in unique awareness and engagement visits. But it's more than that—our cadets forge lifelong friendships, hone leadership qualities, and nurture discipline and teamwork. Embrace growth as an individual while contributing to a community committed to the corps. Join us and embark on a journey of personal and collective development and have fun while doing it!

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Could you be an adult volunteer with the Volunteer Cadet Corps at Gosport Division?

Could you help with administration? Could you drive cadets to their activities? Could you organise a weekend exercise? Could you present engaging and interesting lessons? Could you help maintain our stores and equipment? Could you be a first aider? Could you attend and support summer camps, adventure training activities and engagement visits? Could you teach our cadets to play an instrument? Could you train be our next paddlesport, hill walking, climbing, archery, fieldcraft, drill, boating or aviation instructor?

Not sure Joining us is for you just yet? Contact us using the form below to arrange a visit first and meet us first!

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