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Musical Training has been part of the RMVCC syllabus since the early 1900s and has recently been reinvigorated, growing from just a handful of band cadets several years ago to two now thriving and rapidly expanding bands based at HMS Sultan, Gosport and RMB Stonehouse, Plymouth.

Our band cadets, as throughout the rest of the VCC, can join us from aged 9 to 16, and can serve until age 18.  Cadets are welcome at any level of musical experience, from new starters to proficient musicians. Our cadets can choose to either join the main band as a brass, woodwind or percussion musician, or to join the Corps of Drums.  If required, we can provide the loan of an instrument, as well as all military and ceremonial unforms[1]. Whilst our excellent musical instructing staff provide some group tuition, and cadet nights provide plenty of opportunity to practice, we do strongly advise that cadets also undertake formal lessons alongside attending cadet sessions.


In addition to our two cadet nights a week, we are often found around the local area and beyond, performing in the traditional ceremonial blue uniforms as worn by the Bands of HM Royal Marines (a privilege granted to very few outside of the Band Service). Our bands have been building an excellent reputation and recently have been invited to perform at a range of events such as Armed Forces Day, Remembrance Parades, concerts and providing musical support to the Volunteer Cadet Corps. If you are interested in inviting one of our bands to your event, please get in touch at the appropriate email address at the bottom of this page. In return for the performance from either a full band, small ensemble or Corps of Drums, we may ask for a donation to cover costs and provide much-needed funds to keep our bands running. 


Music is, of course, our primary focus. However, we also offer other activities and opportunities to our cadets, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, first aid training, overnight camps, social events and trips, such as watching the Bands of HM Royal Marines perform in London each year. 


All of our staff are volunteers, who give up their time and expertise (musical and otherwise) to support our fantastic cadets. If you are interested in joining us as a member of staff, please get in touch and we can provide you with more information about what this involves.

To contact one of our bands to find out more about joining as a cadet or an adult volunteer, or to make an event booking enquiry, please get in touch at the contact details below.


Band of the RMVCC Gosport




Tel: 07903 270935


Band of the RMVCC Plymouth




Tel: 07723 363211


[1] with the exception of shoes and boots


Join Us


Join us as a Band Cadet

If you're passionate about music and interested in joining us as a Band Cadet, your journey begins here. Follow the link below to discover more about the application process. 


Join us as an Adult Volunteer

Adults volunteers really make a difference! Whether you're an expert musician eager to share your skills, a keen learner ready to explore new instruments, or someone passionate about supporting the administrative, uniform, or organisational aspects of our Band Cadet program, your contribution is invaluable. Follow the link below to delve deeper into how you can become an integral part of our community. 

Band of the RMVCC Gosport Staff

Our supporting Gosport staff:

  • Sgt (VCC) Dan Atkins                         -           Training Officer 

  • Sgt (VCC) Connor Griffiths-Beech     -           Corps of Drums 

  • Sgt (VCC) Zoë Malam                        -           Woodwind 

  • Cpl Ben Worsfold                                -           Finance Officer & Woodwind 

  • Cpl Mike Kortbeek                              -           Corps of Drums 

  • Pte Steph Widdowson                        -           Corps of Drums 

  • Mrs Emma Boorn                                -           Welfare Officer 

  • Mr Tim Furlong                                   -           Brass 

  • Mrs Janet Mathews                            -           Librarian & Woodwind 

  • Mr Martin Hopkinson                          -           Logistics Officer & Brass 

  • Mr Ian Monnery                                  -           Conductor & Woodwind 

  • Mrs Ann Shirley                                  -           Seamstress 

  • Miss Sian Jones                                 -           Admin Officer 

  • Mrs Elizabeth Shirley                          -           Admin Officer

Band of the RMVCC Plymouth Staff:

  • CSgt Andy Wainwright                        -         Officer Commanding

  • CSgt (VCC) Andrea Warne                -           2IC & Brass 

  • LCpl Hollie Firth                                  -           Woodwind

  • LCpl Darrell Williams                          -           Corps of Drums

  • Sgt (VCC) Vimal Bhagwanji               -           Corps of Drums

  • PI (VCC) Alice Benzie                         -           Woodwind & Corps of Drums


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